Despite all the advancements using AI and machine learning to create value around structured data, enterprises are not seeing the same benefits and ROI with unstructured content - all the text, images, documents, contracts, and customer interactions that make up more than 80% of data in most organizations. Traditional keyword-based approaches - including taxonomies, classifiers, expert systems, and pre-trained dictionary based systems - are simply too complex, too inflexible, and too expensive to maintain. It’s time for a new approach.

The Indico Advantage

Enterprise AI

Indico has developed a unique application of a proven AI methodology called Transfer Learning which enables users to deploy AI to unstructured enterprise content more effectively while eliminating many of the common barriers to adoption.

100X – 1000X less data required

Indico has built a huge, generalized dataset trained to understand unstructured content. This allows users to train their own, custom models with up to 1000x less data than required with other AI and machine learning solutions.

10X faster deployment time

By eliminating much of the trial and error typically involved, Indico makes it much more practical to build and deploy custom models to fit specific business needs, without requiring a lot of data science expertise.

90% reduction in infrastructure and operational costs

The Indico solution requires just a single GPU of processing power – a fraction of other solutions. This combined with its ease of use can save you as much as 90% in infrastructure and operating costs.

User Flexibility

Indico is designed for maximum flexibility:


Unlike the old approaches forcing you to choose from rigid, pre-defined models, Indico allows you to build custom models for your specific use cases.


Whether it's Indico SAAS, Docker-based deployment for private clouds, or on-premise and virtualization, Indico can support any environment.

Business Requirements

Indico’s packages are designed to support individual users, team-based projects, or enterprise class deployments.

Growing with the AI industry, and giving back

Indico IPA is built around the latest advancements in machine learning, and we incorporate new advancements as they emerge. Our solution is used by thousands of university students and academic researchers. We actively support hackathons and other outreach to advance AI and the machine learning field, and reduce the barriers to deploying it.

Expert guidance and support

The Indico team is available to guide your efforts, assist in identifying potential use cases, and implementing best practices for faster deployment. We also regularly post advice and resources for users on our blog.

Our process

In our experience, successful process automation starts with three key elements:

Our team can help you identify the right use cases in your organization, and our solution makes it easy for your SMEs to provide the input that is needed in much less time. And we’ve designed a simple and effective process to assure the success of your initiative from start to end.

We prove it

Our process begins with a “white glove” proof of concept we design and execute with you. Using your own data, we deploy your process automation use case so you can experience the Indico Advantage firsthand.

We explain it

Before we move to a discussion regarding onboarding our solution into your environment, we provide a detailed analysis of your use cases and Indico’s performance in solving them.

We solve it

We work closely with you to be sure there is a successful approach to launching Intelligent Process Automation into your environment so you achieve the desired outcome and ROI.