Building a Bot for Better Customer Support

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In a startup, we wear many hats. Operations does a little bit of sales, marketing does a little bit of quality assurance, engineering contributes to the blog…and everyone takes pride in helping out with customer service. For many months, we had one person managing questions we received through our little Intercom chat window (you know,… Read more

Build Customized Deep Learning Models, No Code Required

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General, pre-trained machine learning solutions are now easier to come by — sentiment analysis, topic classification, entity extraction, etc. Unfortunately, these solutions typically don’t work so well with industry or company-specific tasks, because the data that matters for your business is probably different from the data used to train the model. For instance, financial articles… Read more

Our APIs Speak New Languages

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We’ve had many requests from the indico community to add multilingual support for our APIs, so we’ve spent the past few months working on just that. We’re thrilled that we’ve got such a large international following, and we’re always striving to improve our tools to suit your needs. So here’s the big news: our Sentiment… Read more

Sentiment HQ Sets a New Accuracy Standard

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“Cutting edge.” It’s usually one of those overused phrases scattered all over company websites to add some marketing pizazz. Everything you see here is on the cutting edge. Yet, it’s perfect for describing Sentiment HQ, one of our newest machine learning models. If you’re not too sure what “sentiment analysis” is, it basically involves using… Read more