The Simple + Practical Path to Machine Learning Capability: A Common Benchmark Task

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Here we introduce optical character recognition as a common benchmark task in modern machine learning, and show how to implement a simple model. Being able to experiment with machine learning models is the first step towards capability! Scientific learning process –> machine learning process In the previous post, we introduced machine learning as a principled… Read more

The Simple + Practical Path to Machine Learning Capability: Motivating Background, Fundamental Concepts & Workflow

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Hello, friendly human! Welcome to the first in a series of articles about using machine learning to solve problems. We start with fundamental concepts, and later explain how to implement those concepts using Python + TensorFlow code. Then we’ll show how to combine and extend these fundamental concepts to solve more interesting problems. An unproductive… Read more

Semi-supervised Feature Transfer: The Practical Benefit of Deep Learning Today?

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In this case study, we evaluate four different strategies for solving a problem with machine learning. In terms of both technical performance and practical factors like economics and amount of training data required, customized models built from semi-supervised “deep” features using transfer learning outperform models built from scratch, and rival state-of-the-art methods. Featured on KDnuggets.… Read more

The Good, Bad, & Ugly of TensorFlow

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A survey of six months rapid evolution (+ tips/hacks and code to fix the ugly stuff) We’ve been using TensorFlow in daily research and engineering since it was released almost six months ago. We’ve learned a lot of things along the way. Time for an update! Because there are many subjective articles on TensorFlow and… Read more

The indico Machine Learning Team’s Take on TensorFlow

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Earlier this week, Google released TensorFlow, an open source library for numerical computation. Given the general frothiness around machine learning, we thought folks might appreciate a simple, straightshootin’ take from indico’s Machine Learning team. Unlike a random person on the Internet, we deal with this stuff daily, and can hopefully shed some light on how… Read more