Indico in the News: Deep learning takes the reins from classic machine learning

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Information Management’s Jelani Harper discusses how deep learning is empowering businesses to manage noisy, unstructured data; deliver a deeper understanding of context in documents; and drive better decisions — especially as barriers to entry decrease due to increased cloud options, GPUs, and transfer learning. ‘“Traditional machine learning is more like statistics,” indico CEO Tom Wilde… Read more

Indico Announces $4M Financing led by Osage Venture Partners

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $4 million in new equity seed funding led by Osage Venture Partners, followed by our existing investors .406 Ventures, Boston Seed, and Hyperplane. We’ll be using these new funds to extend our product capabilities for our focus in enterprise machine learning solutions for unstructured content. We’ll also build… Read more

Indico in the News: AI Delivering on the Business Analytics Promise

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Business managers are increasingly realizing the importance of integrating machine learning into their data science workflows, especially for analyzing unstructured data such as text, video, customer reviews and feedback. interviewed our CEO, Tom Wilde, who asserted that “machine learning and deep learning have fundamentally changed enterprise data analytics. In many cases, the unstructured data… Read more

3D Printing for the Holidays

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It’s starting to feel a lot like the holidays at the indicrew office, especially with this awesome indico logo tree topper designed by Tori — artist, maker, and one of our front-end devs 🙂 Tori’s been dabbling in 3D printing lately — here she walks us through her design process: “So the inspiration for this… Read more

AI World Conference: Formulating the Right Machine Learning Strategy

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Machine learning offers tremendous opportunities for businesses, but there is still a large divide between practical deployment for most companies and the success stories we’ve read about. Despite the promise of artificial intelligence being discussed and promoted by the internet giants like Facebook and Google or within academia, only a small percentage of enterprises have… Read more

Exploiting Text Embeddings for Industry Contexts

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From Synonyms to Object Properties It’s well known that word embeddings are excellent for finding similarities between words — specifically, synonyms. We achieve this using supervised machine learning techniques by showing a neural net a dataset of hundreds of millions of pieces of text. The algorithm looks at the context and frequency in which particular… Read more

Making Deep Learning Practical with Smaller Datasets

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At the recent VB Summit in Berkeley, Jeff Dean, Head of Google Brain discussed a popular challenge in making Deep Learning a practical solution inside the enterprise: “I would say pretty much any business that has tens or hundreds of thousands of customer interactions has enough scale to start thinking about using these sorts of… Read more

Building Better Search

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In speech and writing, how often do we use one term — and only that term — to describe an idea? For example, if you were searching through a document for information relating to a business’ current assets, looking up only “current assets” would mean that you miss out on anything discussing cash, short-term assets,… Read more

Inspiring Hack Projects:

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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of supporting HackBeanpot, for the second year in a row, at Genuine HQ. We caught up with the winners of indico’s Machine Learning API prize — Alex, Noah, Brendan, and Jon, the creators of What is is a party game that encourages your friends… Read more