Create an Image Similarity Web App Using the indico API [Python and JavaScript]

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Introduction This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple image similarity web application using the indico Image Features API with Python and JavaScript. The process is composed of two parts: Cache your dataset’s image features using Python. Create your web app using JavaScript. This tutorial assumes that you’re already familiar with Python and… Read more

Developing for Development: Machine Learning for the Greater Good

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Mobile agriculture in Uganda powered by machine learning

When we contemplate machine learning, we might think of our phone companions Siri or Cortana, hot fitness items on the market now that adjust to our routines and abilities, or about big business and data science. Seldom does our picture of “cutting-edge” involve places that are not industrialized. But the “developing” world is a rich… Read more

Regressor Based Image Stylization

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We’re happy to showcase a side project from our Head of Research, Alec Radford. Using regression based machine learning techniques, he’s recently released an open-source image stylization library, stylize, for Python. Feel free to check out the repo and play with the code there! Here’s what he has to say about it: Inspired by the… Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence Within Reach?

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Hope you enjoy this guest post from Victoria Preston, a robotics major from Olin College of Engineering: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are arguably two of the biggest concepts in advancing robotic technologies. They promise of years to come when we can be sitting on the park bench having a lovely conversation with an android… Read more

Introduction to Deep Learning with Python and Theano

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Our Head of Research, Alec Radford, speaking on deep learning with Python and the Theano library. The emphasis of the talk is on high performance computing, natural language processing using recurrent neural nets, and large scale learning with GPUs. You can find the SlideShare presentation below. View on Slideshare: Introduction to Deep Learning with Python… Read more

General Sequence Learning Using Recurrent Neural Nets

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Our Head of Research, Alec Radford, recently led a workshop on general sequence learning using recurrent neural networks at Next.ML in San Francisco. Next.ML was created to teach the latest actionable machine learning techniques that you can use right out of the workshop.The upcoming Next.ML workshop will be in Cambridge, MA at the Microsoft NERD Center… Read more