What Even is Sentiment Analysis?

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Machine learning is an incredibly frothy space. It almost seems like every week there’s some new company using machine learning in some revolutionary new way. With all of the deep learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence buzzwords floating around, it can be extremely difficult to separate the signal from the noise. This is not one… Read more

indico Wins Boston TechJam 2015

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On Thursday, the indico team piled into an Uber with a flat screen TV, bags of cool swag, a N64, Super Smash Bros, and a mission to tell everyone at Boston TechJam 2015 how machine learning can – and will – change the world. We couldn’t have expected a more inspiring response. It was thrilling… Read more

The Founder’s Guide to Machine Learning: Choosing the Right Service for Your Business

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If you’ve been following our Founder’s Guide to Machine Learning series, you’ll know that machine learning has been around for decades, but commercial applications have only emerged recently — largely because of the high barriers to entry involved with building a machine learning model from scratch. In an effort to make the technology more accessible… Read more