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Citizen Developer, Data Science, Intelligent Process Automation, Machine Learning

indico | August 24, 2020

How Intelligent Process Automation Enables Citizen-led AI Development

A longstanding problem that has plagued artificial intelligence projects, including document process automation, is complexity. Essentially, the issue is there’s […]

Business, Data Science, Intelligent Process Automation

indico | October 8, 2019

Answering the Data Scientist Shortage with Intelligent Process Automation

  Companies are adopting artificial intelligence technology at a furious rate, consequently driving up demand and salaries for skilled data […]

Business, Data Science, Tutorials

indico | May 30, 2019

Product Feature Spotlight: Discover

In our previous posts from this product feature series, we took a look at how you can easily train custom […]

Business, Data Science, Tutorials

Amanda Sivaraj | April 25, 2019

Product Feature Spotlight: Review

If you read the first installment of this series introducing our Intelligent Process Automation product modules, you’ll know that we’re […]

Business, Data Science, Text Data Use Case

indico | April 4, 2019

How Intelligent Process Automation Drives Growth & ROI in the Financial Services Industry

  Financial Services organizations have immense pressure to operate in highly regulated environments in terms of data security and auditory […]

Business, Data Science, Tutorials

indico | March 11, 2019

Product Feature Spotlight: Teach

When it comes to machine learning, clients are rarely satisfied with one-size-fits-all, pre-trained machine learning models. It makes perfect sense. […]

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