Read Less, Learn More: Introducing indico’s Summarization API

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In knowledge driven economies, it’s increasingly common for many jobs to revolve around the consumption and analysis of information. This may entail, for example, reading dozens of articles to draw conclusions about emerging trends. Doable, right? Imagine, though, if you were a financial analyst and had to read through hundreds of articles and reports each… Read more

Build Customized Deep Learning Models, No Code Required

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General, pre-trained machine learning solutions are now easier to come by — sentiment analysis, topic classification, entity extraction, etc. Unfortunately, these solutions typically don’t work so well with industry or company-specific tasks, because the data that matters for your business is probably different from the data used to train the model. For instance, financial articles… Read more

The Simple + Practical Path to Machine Learning Capability: Motivating Background, Fundamental Concepts & Workflow

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Hello, friendly human! Welcome to the first in a series of articles about using machine learning to solve problems. We start with fundamental concepts, and later explain how to implement those concepts using Python + TensorFlow code. Then we’ll show how to combine and extend these fundamental concepts to solve more interesting problems. An unproductive… Read more

Exploring Computer Vision (Part III): Improving Security Cameras with Machine Learning

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Welcome back to our three part series on computer vision. In the previous posts, we discussed convolutional neural networks (CNNs) and how transfer learning allows us to reuse pre-trained CNNs. This post will assume that you have a basic understanding of CNNs and transfer learning; we encourage you to reread the first two posts if… Read more

Our APIs Speak New Languages

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We’ve had many requests from the indico community to add multilingual support for our APIs, so we’ve spent the past few months working on just that. We’re thrilled that we’ve got such a large international following, and we’re always striving to improve our tools to suit your needs. So here’s the big news: our Sentiment… Read more

Stock Image Similarity with Image Features (or How a Program is More Fashionable than Me)

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Recognizing patterns comes naturally to us. Whether we’re learning a new language, guessing the artist of a song we’re hearing for the first time, or even recognising an old friend, our brains use patterns to simplify complex mental tasks. In fact, our brains are so hardwired to use pattern recognition as a shortcut, we even… Read more