Indico in the News: Deep learning takes the reins from classic machine learning

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Information Management’s Jelani Harper discusses how deep learning is empowering businesses to manage noisy, unstructured data; deliver a deeper understanding of context in documents; and drive better decisions — especially as barriers to entry decrease due to increased cloud options, GPUs, and transfer learning. ‘“Traditional machine learning is more like statistics,” indico CEO Tom Wilde… Read more

Indico Announces $4M Financing led by Osage Venture Partners

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We’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $4 million in new equity seed funding led by Osage Venture Partners, followed by our existing investors .406 Ventures, Boston Seed, and Hyperplane. We’ll be using these new funds to extend our product capabilities for our focus in enterprise machine learning solutions for unstructured content. We’ll also build… Read more

3D Printing for the Holidays

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It’s starting to feel a lot like the holidays at the indicrew office, especially with this awesome indico logo tree topper designed by Tori — artist, maker, and one of our front-end devs 🙂 Tori’s been dabbling in 3D printing lately — here she walks us through her design process: “So the inspiration for this… Read more

AI World Conference: Formulating the Right Machine Learning Strategy

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Machine learning offers tremendous opportunities for businesses, but there is still a large divide between practical deployment for most companies and the success stories we’ve read about. Despite the promise of artificial intelligence being discussed and promoted by the internet giants like Facebook and Google or within academia, only a small percentage of enterprises have… Read more

Inspiring Hack Projects: ContextCam

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One of our core values as a company is about giving back and supporting our community. We regularly sponsor hackathons (over 10 so far this year!) to encourage students to get started in the exciting world of machine learning. Recently, we sponsored HackPrinceton. We found Waseem Khan’s ContextCam project particularly interesting, so we reached out… Read more

Claim this Bounty: Build an Image Classifier

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If you haven’t already played around with Custom Collections, now is a good time to get started — we’re offering a bounty for the best new image classifier created with our Custom Collections API. Custom Collections is one of our new training APIs that allows you to build your own machine learning model with roughly… Read more

Sentiment HQ Sets a New Accuracy Standard

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“Cutting edge.” It’s usually one of those overused phrases scattered all over company websites to add some marketing pizazz. Everything you see here is on the cutting edge. Yet, it’s perfect for describing Sentiment HQ, one of our newest machine learning models. If you’re not too sure what “sentiment analysis” is, it basically involves using… Read more

The Magic of Hackathons

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There’s nothing quite like a hackathon. From the second you walk in the door, there’s a special kind of electricity all around the room. Hundreds of people from all walks of life gathered for the sole purpose of bettering themselves and building a project they can be proud of. Somewhere between the frantic sounds of… Read more