Exploiting Text Embeddings for Industry Contexts

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From Synonyms to Object Properties It’s well known that word embeddings are excellent for finding similarities between words — specifically, synonyms. We achieve this using supervised machine learning techniques by showing a neural net a dataset of hundreds of millions of pieces of text. The algorithm looks at the context and frequency in which particular… Read more

Making Deep Learning Practical with Smaller Datasets

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At the recent VB Summit in Berkeley, Jeff Dean, Head of Google Brain discussed a popular challenge in making Deep Learning a practical solution inside the enterprise: “I would say pretty much any business that has tens or hundreds of thousands of customer interactions has enough scale to start thinking about using these sorts of… Read more

Building Better Search

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In speech and writing, how often do we use one term — and only that term — to describe an idea? For example, if you were searching through a document for information relating to a business’ current assets, looking up only “current assets” would mean that you miss out on anything discussing cash, short-term assets,… Read more

The Simple + Practical Path to Machine Learning Capability: A Common Benchmark Task

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Here we introduce optical character recognition as a common benchmark task in modern machine learning, and show how to implement a simple model. Being able to experiment with machine learning models is the first step towards capability! Scientific learning process –> machine learning process In the previous post, we introduced machine learning as a principled… Read more

SAS: The Unreasonable Benefits of Deep Learning

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Earlier this month, Dan gave a talk at Sentiment Analysis Symposium discussing why businesses should consider adopting deep learning solutions. His slides and a video of the presentation are available for those of you who couldn’t make it — if you have any questions, click the little chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner… Read more

Semi-supervised Feature Transfer: The Practical Benefit of Deep Learning Today?

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In this case study, we evaluate four different strategies for solving a problem with machine learning. In terms of both technical performance and practical factors like economics and amount of training data required, customized models built from semi-supervised “deep” features using transfer learning outperform models built from scratch, and rival state-of-the-art methods. Featured on KDnuggets.… Read more