The Founder’s Guide to Machine Learning: Choosing the Right Service for Your Business

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If you’ve been following our Founder’s Guide to Machine Learning series, you’ll know that machine learning has been around for decades, but commercial applications have only emerged recently — largely because of the high barriers to entry involved with building a machine learning model from scratch. In an effort to make the technology more accessible… Read more

The Founder’s Guide to Machine Learning: Why You Shouldn’t Build Your Own Models

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Machine learning may be the hot new thing, but it’s still a mystery to most people. This isn’t surprising, since the field is complex and requires a high degree of expertise. In Part 1 of The Founder’s Intro to Machine Learning, we explained that machine learning involves the use of computer algorithms and mathematical models… Read more

Developing for Development: Machine Learning for the Greater Good

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Mobile agriculture in Uganda powered by machine learning

When we contemplate machine learning, we might think of our phone companions Siri or Cortana, hot fitness items on the market now that adjust to our routines and abilities, or about big business and data science. Seldom does our picture of “cutting-edge” involve places that are not industrialized. But the “developing” world is a rich… Read more