Call Usage

For the most part, every article of text or image you send to indico will count as one call towards your monthly call volume. Take note than an “article of text” could be a word, sentence, or entire document. So, if you sent the API a sentence (as a single example) for analysis, then sent the API an entire document (as a single example), you would have made two API calls.

Here’s some more clarification on how call usage works, as well as a few exceptions:

Batch Requests
When you send a batch query to indico, each article of text or image in the query will count as a call. For example, if you query sentiment with a list of 100 text examples, this will be recorded as 100 calls.

Analyze Text, Analyze Image, and Intersections
Requests to APIs that query multiple other APIs – Analyze Text and Analyze Image – count as a call to each API being queried. For example, a non-batch query to Analyze Text where APIs=[‘sentiment’, ’emotion’] will be recorded as two calls.

Custom Collections
Custom Collections follows non standard rules for recording calls towards your monthly call volume. If you are using a Custom Collection, please check the documentation of the methods you are using to learn how calls are calculated for them.