Sharing Collections

Notice – All publicly available Indico APIs will be deprecated on Jan 1, 2020

You can share your Collection to enable specific users to read and/or write to the Collection.

To do so, you must first register the Collection by calling .register(public) on Collection, setting make_publicto true or false. Then, you can authorize certain emails to read or write by calling .authorize(email, permission) with "read" or "write" as the permission.

Other users must pass in shared to the Collection object as a Boolean to indicate whether or not the Collection is shared with them. A shared Collection must have a name unique across all shared Collections.

You can deregister the Collection by calling .deregister() on the Collection and deauthorize users by calling .deauthorize(email) on theCollection.

Registering Collections and authorizing users do not count towards your monthly call volume.

# Register Collection as a sharable collection
collection.authorize("", "write")

# Deauthorize from Collection

# Deregister Collection