Outsell for Startups Podcast: Beyond Machine Learning and AI, 10x Faster Deployments, and Indico

July 18, 2018 / Business, Data Science

Tom Wilde, our CEO, and Slater Victoroff, our CTO and co-founder, were featured on Ben Sampson’s Outsell for Startups podcast. During the episode, they break down machine learning and transfer learning in straightforward, non-technical terms; discuss Indico’s conception, trajectory, and latest products; and explore the future of the industry and tech.

“If you’ve listened to this show, it is no secret that I’ve covered a large number of AI and Machine Learning companies. I promise you, this one is different. There’s a common theme amongst the AI and ML technologies: They’re bloody difficult to deploy, and even more difficult to manage the performance to get results that actually make for a more efficient business. What if I told you there is a company that is doing this kind of integration with 100X — 1000X less data, 10X faster deployment time, and 90% reduction in infrastructure and operating costs. Enter Indico, the first true B2B solution that I feel is really “plug and play”. I interviewed Tom Wilde the CEO and Slater Victoroff the founder and CTO of the company. We covered a range of topics including a digestible break down of Machine Learning, the future of the technology, and what you can expect from Indico in the near future. I had an amazing time with Tom and Slater, and I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did.”

Amanda Sivaraj

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