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Business, Data Science

Amanda Sivaraj | July 18, 2018

Outsell for Startups Podcast: Beyond Machine Learning and AI, 10x Faster Deployments, and Indico

Tom Wilde, our CEO, and Slater Victoroff, our CTO and co-founder, were featured on Ben Sampson’s Outsell for Startups podcast. […]

Image Data Use Case, indico, Text Data Use Case, Tutorials

indico | July 18, 2018

RE•WORK Deep Learning Interview with indico CEO Tom Wilde

How can businesses with limited amounts of training data still benefit from using deep learning on their unstructured content, and […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | July 18, 2018

What are some of the best artificial intelligence/machine learning journals?

Machine learning is a very interesting field. Part of the reason for this is that most of the novel work […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | July 10, 2018

Is Euclidean distance meaningful for high dimensional data?

The short answer is no. At high dimensions, Euclidean distance loses pretty much all meaning. However, it’s not something that’s […]

Data Science, Machine Learning, Text Data Use Case

indico | July 5, 2018

ODSC 2018: Effective Transfer Learning for NLP

Our machine learning architect and co-founder, Madison May, was a featured presenter at the 2018 Open Data Science Conference (ODSC). […]


indico | July 5, 2018

RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit Panel: Redefine Your Industry with Applications of Deep Learning

  In this video, our CEO Tom Wilde weighs in on opportunities for businesses to refine their industries with deep […]

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