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Business, Developers, Machine Learning

Slater Victoroff | September 23, 2015

What Even is Sentiment Analysis?

Machine learning is an incredibly frothy space. It almost seems like every week there’s some new company using machine learning […]

Developers, Tutorials, Uncategorized

Chris Lee | September 14, 2015

Writing an API with Tornado

CALLING ALL DEVELOPERS! Our API servers at indico are written in Python using Tornado as a server framework. Tornado is […]

Data Science, Developers, Machine Learning, Opinion Piece

Luke Metz | September 8, 2015

Three Thought-Provoking Ideas from SIGGRAPH ’15

Last month Alec Radford and I had the great pleasure of attending the SIGGRAPH 2015 conference in Los Angeles.  If you […]

Data Science, Developers, Machine Learning

Ryan Louie | September 2, 2015

Neural Image Captioning for Mortals

Introduction to Neural Image Captioning Image Captioning is a damn hard problem — one of those frontier-AI problems that defy what we […]

Data Science, Developers, Machine Learning

Luke Metz | August 25, 2015

Visualizing with t-SNE

Data visualization A big part of working with data is getting intuition on what those data show. Staring at raw […]


Austin Greene | July 24, 2015

New API Approaching: Facial Localization

  What’s this Facial Localization? Facial localization is a brand spanking new API we are releasing and integrating into our […]

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