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artificial intelligence, Business

indico | August 22, 2019

Why Artificial Intelligence Will Augment Employees, Not Replace Them

As is so often the case with technological advances, there’s a fair amount of misinformation regarding how automation and artificial […]

artificial intelligence, Business, Intelligent Process Automation

indico | August 13, 2019

3 Questions to Ask to Identify AI Impostors

In the technology industry, it’s not unusual for vendors to want to latch on to the latest trend and claim […]

Business, Insurance, Intelligent Process Automation

indico | July 30, 2019

Transforming Insurance Operations with Intelligent Process Automation

In our last post, we went through some use cases for intelligent process automation (IPA) tools in the financial services industry, which is one vertical […]

Business, Financial Services, Intelligent Process Automation

indico | July 22, 2019

How AI is Ushering in New Era of Automation in Financial Services

For years businesses have manually dealt with millions of pages of documents, emails and various other forms of unstructured content […]

Business, Intelligent Process Automation, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation

indico | July 16, 2019

RPA vs. IPA: Complementary, not Competitive

In the course of talking with prospects, we often find ourselves having to explain Robotic Process Automation vs. Intelligent Process […]

Business, Intelligent Process Automation

indico | July 11, 2019

3 Keys to Success with Intelligent Process Automation

How to set your organization up for automation success While it’s still early days for artificial intelligence technology, including intelligent […]

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