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Release Notes

Sasha Freese | January 6, 2021

Release Notes – Indico IPA v4.6

    Happy New Year and welcome to 2021! Our first version in the new year is small but mighty, […]

Commercial Banking, Financial Services, Intelligent Process Automation, Use Case

indico | January 4, 2021

3 Ways Intelligent Automation Transforms the Mortgage Origination Process

Banks and mortgage brokers have a problem: their customers aren’t too happy with them and one big reason is their […]

artificial intelligence, Intelligent Process Automation, Opinion Piece, Robotic Process Automation

indico | December 14, 2020

How COEs Use Sound Methodologies to Ensure Intelligent Automation Process Success

As companies get beyond their first one or two process automation projects, it becomes increasingly important to have a sound […]

Intelligent Process Automation

indico | December 3, 2020

Why Out-of-the-Box Models Fall Short of True Intelligent Document Processing

One of the common questions we hear from customers is, “Why can’t I use an out-of-the-box document processing tool that […]

Release Notes

Sasha Freese | November 30, 2020

Release Notes – Indico IPA v4.5

Thank you for being a valued Indico user! We’re constantly making updates to our app and APIs, working on new […]

artificial intelligence, Insurance, Intelligent Process Automation, Use Case

indico | November 19, 2020

How Intelligent Automation Helps Insurers Streamline Enrollment Processes

Getting new clients is a good thing, but for insurance companies it also creates a challenge: processing all the required […]

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