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indico | March 9, 2017

Auto-tagging Interior Design Styles

Sorting content into categories is a key task for recommendation systems, as well as for general data management. We’ve talked […]

Business, Developers, Tutorials

Amanda Sivaraj | February 15, 2017

Building a Bot to Answer FAQs: Predicting Text Similarity

In our previous tutorial on customer support bots, we trained a bot using the Custom Collection API to direct customers […]

Data Science, Developers, Machine Learning, Tutorials

Madison May | January 31, 2017

Python Deep Learning Frameworks Reviewed

I recently stumbled across an old Data Science Stack Exchange answer of mine on the topic of the “Best Python […]

Business, Developers, Tutorials

Diana Yuan | January 17, 2017

Tutorial: Analyze Excel Files with indico

The goal of this tutorial is to help you analyze your own Excel data using indico’s machine learning APIs — […]

Business, Developers, Tutorials

Amanda Sivaraj | November 28, 2016

Building a Bot for Better Customer Support

    In a startup, we wear many hats. Operations does a little bit of sales, marketing does a little […]

Data Science, Developers, Tutorials

Madison May | November 15, 2016

Data Science Deployments with Docker

Deploying machine learning models has always been a struggle. Most of the software industry has adopted the use of container […]

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