Release Notes – Indico IPA v4.14

September 7, 2021 / Release Notes


Thank you for being a valued Indico user! We’re constantly making updates to our app and APIs, working on new features, and garnering feedback to be best in class for intelligent process automation.  Have ideas on how to make our product even better – please let us know here!

Innovations and Updates in v4.14:

  •   Trial Edition – sign up here!
    • Indico now offers a 30 day Free Trial of our award winning unstructured document processing automation application.
    • Walkthroughs help with understanding how to automate your process from beginning to end within the trial period.

    • For the Trial Edition, are including curated datasets for Lease Abstraction, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and FCC Complaint Letters and model creation tasks that allow you to see how easy Indico is to adopt for workflow automation.

    • We’re always here for help and support through demos, documentation, or walkthroughs to help get over any issues that may arise.
  •   Review Queue Settings
    • Review Queues can now be set up to Workflow specifications by being able to configure if the Exceptions Queue is enabled, if rejection reasons are required, and if users can manually add in values not found on the document.
    • Review Settings are accessible via Workflow on the Settings tab.

    • This level of settings allows for complete control over the Review queue to ensure the team can work in their most optimized form.
  •   Other Improvements and Bug Fixes
    • For some previous versions, when object detection models were trained progress was not being shown – this is now fixed and progress is available.
    • Ongoing security fixes and general bug fixes are included in this release.
Sasha Freese

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