RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit Panel: Redefine Your Industry with Applications of Deep Learning

July 5, 2018 / Business

In this video, our CEO Tom Wilde weighs in on opportunities for businesses to refine their industries with deep learning in this panel discussion at the RE•WORK Deep Learning Summit 2018.

Moderator: Aditya Kaul, Research Director at Tractica

  • Sumehd Mehta, CIO of Putnam Investments
  • David Nydam, CEO of Business Intelligence Advisors (BIA)
  • Tom Wilde, CEO of Indico

Key discussion topics:

  • What is needed to redefine an industry with current deep learning technology?
  • At what level it is best to begin the implementation of deep learning methods?
  • What areas can benefit the most from deep learning applications?
  • What it will take to roll out the latest advancements with industry leaders?
  • What obstacles stand in the way of the broad application of deep learning and how can users overcome them?



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