Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | September 26, 2018

Should a machine learning beginner go straight for deep learning?

Let me be clear: I love deep learning. It has radically improved the scope of problems that machine learning can […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | August 29, 2018

Why do machine learning algorithms require large amounts of computer space for all kinds of datasets?

Depends a bit on which model type you’re talking about, but for the purposes of illustration I’m going to assume […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | July 25, 2018

What is one thing that human intelligence can do but artificial intelligence can’t?

  Let me tackle this from a slightly more practical perspective. I think the standard issue with this kind of […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | July 18, 2018

What are some of the best artificial intelligence/machine learning journals?

  Machine learning is a very interesting field. Part of the reason for this is that most of the novel […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | July 10, 2018

Is Euclidean distance meaningful for high dimensional data?

  The short answer is no. At high dimensions, Euclidean distance loses pretty much all meaning. However, it’s not something […]

Ask Slater

Slater Victoroff | May 26, 2018

Is it possible to learn without data (or at least one or two samples)—like humans—in AI?

  Humans do not learn without data, but as you’ve said, they can often learn with very small amounts of […]

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