Indico is a tool for Intelligent Process Automation specifically focusing on unstructured content. We make this possible by making deep-learning transfer learning for NLP radically usable and accessible. We divide our efforts to help organizations into three main tranches:

– The indico Application Stack serves as a collaborative space for technical and non-technical users to build and refine models, discuss and map processes, as well as understanding and explaining productions decisions made by any of indico’s models.

– The Indico API is the primary integration point for the indico stack into a production enterprise environment. Here you’ll find a set of standard off-the-shelf models such as sentiment analysis and image categorization, but most importantly you’ll find the documentation for indico’s custom collection. Custom collections allow you to quickly create custom deep learning models with just dozens of examples.

– The Indico open source community represents us giving back to the community. For users that are more interested in the academic underpinnings of the work that we do here at indico our open source repos give our users a straightforward way to break into deep learning and start playing around a bit closer to the metal than our other offerings.

At indico we realize that a product is only as good as its documentation. We can’t promise that our docs are perfect, but we can promise that we’ll constantly be working to make them better. If you find any issues with our docs or need any extra help getting started don’t hesitate to reach out.