Text Mining with indico

Find the content that matters

Our Text Features model helps you quickly search large numbers of documents, blog posts, and other content for the information you care about. Instead of only finding appearances of a search term our API also finds sentences that discuss the subject without using the word. Play with the demo below to see it in action!

How it works

For this demo we're searching through political Wikipedia pages. First, we analyze all the sentences we'd like to explore using the Text Features model. These text representations let us calculate similarity of concepts between sentences and a search query. This is why you can search "Free Market" and get results about money, competition and demand.

If you're curious about a specific use case, we're always happy to discuss ideas through the chat in the bottom right.

Live Demo

The following demo searches through Wikipedia articles on the high level political ideologies listed at the bottom of this page. Try one of our examples to get a feel for the response or jump right in and search for a subject!

Wealth Inequality
Free Market
Health Care