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indico is a data augmentation platform that helps people leverage machine learning. We provide developer-friendly tools and APIs for building smarter software.

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Resources for Getting Started


Get an API key, which is automatically generated when you


Choose your access: If you want to use an API wrapper for your language of choice, you'll need to install one of our client libraries. Otherwise you can always use REST!

Now you're good to go! Just include the API key according to the method you're using.

Building Data Products

Building an application that can find the signal through the noise can be challenging. These resources should help!

Open Data: Public Datasets to Play With

Scraping: Intro & Snagging + Classifying Headlines

Flask: Discover Flask & Cookbook & OAuth & More

Dashboards: Prebaked Responsive Templates

Machine Learning: Applied Introduction


Learn More About ML

While it's great to be able to use machine learning at a high level, try exploring a little deeper – it's not as scary as you might think.·······