Indico will enable us to capitalize on the impact of automation across our organization and deliver value to our clients.” – Vice President of Transformation at Cushman & Wakefield

Commercial real estate organizations have long been awash in documents for use cases such as appraisals, multi-family rent rolls, lease documentation and more. Now, with digital transformation efforts in full swing, commercial real estate organizations are looking for ways to streamline and automate processes that involve hundreds or thousands of documents.

The problem is many of the documents contain unstructured content, making them difficult to deal with for automation approaches that rely on keywords, rule-based methods and templates. Intelligent process automation (IPA), a form of artificial intelligence specifically designed to be able to “read” unstructured documents much like a human does, offers a viable intelligent automation technology solution that brings immediate value.

Read the below Use Cases to learn how Intelligent Process Automation can bring immense value to commercial real estate organizations.

Intelligent Process Automation Use Cases for Commercial Real Estate