indico Wins Boston TechJam 2015

June 18, 2015

On Thursday, the indico team piled into an Uber with a flat screen TV, bags of cool swag, a N64, Super Smash Bros, and a mission to tell everyone at Boston TechJam 2015 how machine learning can – and will – change the world.
We couldn’t have expected a more inspiring response.
It was thrilling to talk to so many people who were just as excited as we are about our goal to make machine learning more widespread, seamless, and easy to use. We were voted as the winners of the Boston TechJam 2015 startup competition after our CEO, Slater Victoroff, wowed the crowd with one of his passionate, down-to-earth pitches about democratizing machine learning:
Slater pitching to the crowd at TechJam 2015

“You’ve all heard the buzzwords…and they’re real. Machine learning is technology that can power the next industrial revolution. What the steam engine did for mechanical labor, machine learning is capable of doing for intellectual labor — and indico is making it easier.
Fundamentally, we think that machine learning is our right as human beings. We believe that machine learning shouldn’t be something that’s cloistered away in large businesses, but that it belongs to us. Individual developers shouldn’t have to spend months researching a genetic algorithm to get a computer to tell them that 2+2=4. It should be a normal function that you use just like any other.
We’ve powered several billion API calls as of this past month. We’re empowering developers around the world from high school students to people in industry who have decades of experience. Machine learning has never been easier.
If you think that machine learning can help you, if you’ve been frustrated with the difficulty of getting started, then come talk to us. We’re here to help.”

We’re humbled and inspired by all the support we’ve received. Thank you for continuing to believe in our mission — we’re all the more excited to deliver better, more powerful machine learning and data solutions into your hands. If you’d like to get involved and help us shape this awesome technology, then feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or frustrations you experience when trying to make use of your data. Like Slater said, we’re here to help!
The indico team celebrating our TechJam win!

A big thank you from the indico team for all of your support!


Watch Slater’s full pitch here: