New App: What’s Your Twitter Thumbprint?

July 12, 2015

Every now and then, I like to do a little introspection. Don’t you? Considering the masses of people and personalities on Twitter, the indico team thought it would be pretty cool to build an app that allowed you to analyze the topics you tweet about the most, and how you generally feel about the things you talk about. Our Lead Front-end Developer, Aidan McLaughlin, has been working on this nifty project for the last two weeks, and we’re really excited to share his creation with you!

Find your Twitter thumbprint!

On the front page you’ll be prompted to authenticate your Twitter account so we can produce your report, which comes in the form of a shareable website full of cool interactive visualizations of your Twitter activity.
See the breakdown of @indicoData's tweets.
The main visualization is a timeline of all your tweets and the associated positivity of their content (analyzed using indico’s Sentiment Analysis and Text Tags APIs). You can explore various time periods of your life by changing the timescale using the control area directly below the main visualization. Each tweet is encapsulated by a small circle, and you can see the content of any tweet by hovering your mouse over one of the circles. The vertical position of the circle illustrates the positivity of the tweet, while the size of the circle indicates the tweet’s impact in terms of favorites and retweets. If you have lots of big circles near the top of the visualization, then you use very positive language and have lots of people who are interested in what you’re saying! Go you!
Here’s a little peek at what the @indicoData Twitter report looks like:
A visualization of indico's most frequently discussed topics.
Neat, huh? Trust me, it’ll be even more exciting to see your own report — go ahead and check it out!