Why Leading Organizations Choose Indico

Indico offers a Single Solution for document intake, understanding and digitization that effectively addresses structured, semi-structured, and unstructured document formats.

Empowering your Process Owners

Indico IPA delivers an intuitive point and click interface for unstructured content classification and extraction, enabling the subject matter expert, the person closest to the process being automated, to design and deliver custom workflows in record time.

Freedom From Templates & Rules

Indico Transfer Learning enables your process owners to quickly build custom machine learning models with just 200 examples, and delivers performance precisely tailored to your document understanding challenges with Indico closed loop learning.

Complete Control and Transparency

Award-winning AI Explainability with a point and click dashboard that delivers comprehensive transparency for governance. Intuitive document validation user interface delivers unmatched control over output accuracy.

Partner Benefits

Access to the Indico Advantage

Leverage Indico's industry leading solution to solve your customers most complex document-based challenges. Indico IPA is the only low-code automation solution that can truly handle unstructured content without templates or the need for in-house data science expertise.

Sales Enablement & Technical Support

High-touch knowledge transfer of sales and technical skills required to position, deliver and scale Indico IPA. We provide on going training to insure mutual success with each client engagement. We also provide close alignment with our customer success team to deploy Indico's proven methodology designed to compress time-to-value and insure successful outcomes.

Marketing Support

To help you generate demand and close business. Our partners have access to Marketing Development Funds to support joint events, webinars and other demand generation activities. We work closely to define joint GTM initiatives and align on mutual goals.

Ways to Partner With Indico

Referral Partner

Consultants and IT Partners that would like to refer qualified prospects to Indico for a monetary fee.

Reseller Partner

System Integrators and IT partners who want to solve their customers most complex document-based challenges and increase their services business.

Technology Alliance Partner

Technology Alliance Partners who want to work on complementary and integrated solutions to add value for our mutual customers.

Our Partners

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