Support for scanned and native PDFs, MSWord, CSV and other unstructured content formats. Built-in OCR for scanned content support. Out of the box integrations with major content file systems including Box, Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive and more.

Whether its a simple contract analytics use case, or a complex multi-step process with scanned documents, images, photographs, and database integrations, Indico IPA models can easily be "chained" together into powerful "pipelines" using our RESTful APIs to solve even the most challenging process.

Indico IPA delivers unmatched capabilities for the key "building blocks" of unstructured content process automation: 1) Content Classification; 2) Content Extraction and 3) Content Comparison.

Indico IPA is built to span industry domains so there is no huge training data requirement, no brittle industry taxonomies to maintain, and your data is never shared with anyone for any reason.

Indico IPA Product Modules

Point and click creation of AI powered custom models for the analysis, classification and comparison of unstructured content

Indico Discover
  • Comprehensive approach to unsupervised and semi-supervised text analysis
  • Overlay with additional models (sentiment, keywords, etc.) for correlations
  • Easy to explore new insights and signals and quickly convert them into new models
Indico Discover
Indico Review
  • Industry’s first (and only) solution delivering tunability and explainability for machine learning in a point-and-click UI
  • Easy testing and tuning of models by drilling into errors
  • Comprehensive model performance analytics
Indico Review
Indico Teach
  • Intuitive point-and-click interface for gathering input from subject matter experts
  • Supports both classification and annotation
  • Automatic predictions for determining when sufficient training has been achieved for a new model
Indico Teach
Indico Enterprise AI APIs
  • Powerful runtime RESTful APIs for deploying your solution at scale
  • Support across all major programming languages
  • Comprehensive documentation for rapid onboarding
  • Easily integrate with content sources and enterprise platforms
Indico Enterprise AI APIs


Indico Enterprise AI is designed to provide our users with maximum flexibility in implementation and deployment.

Flexible Deployment Options for all Environments
  • Indico SaaS – the fastest path to getting started
  • Indico private cloud – host Indico on your cloud instance
  • Indico on-prem – host Indico on your own hardware
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