CrowdLabel BETA

A data labeling tool designed to help you build better machine learning models faster.

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Building a great model requires great training data.

Traditionally, this meant finding tens of thousands of labeled examples that your model can learn from. We created our Custom Collections API to allow you to build effective models with 10x-1000x less training data.

And now, we introduce CrowdLabel – a new utility that is designed to help you get labeled data to accelerate model development even further.

Add unlabeled text or image data.

Quickly add new data for labeling and define the types of labels you need, such as categorization or regression.

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Invite others to label your data

As labelers record answers in CrowdLabel, monitor progress, and manage permissions.

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Train models instantly.

Train custom models directly from CrowdLabel to easily understand the accuracy statistics of your models throughout the training process and automatically deploy your model when you are ready.

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