PrecisionFind BETA

Introducing indico’s new PrecisionFind image API.

Where every picture speaks a thousand words.

browser with pictures of different guitar icons

Today's social media stories are told in images.

Search millions of images for products, brands, and logos.

nike logo found on a sneaker

Social Media means Images

The search for better signal in the world of social media increasingly revolves around being able to look at a user’s posted photos, not just what they have written.

More and more of today's social media conversations happen only in images. You could be completely missing the picture if you're only looking at the text.

Better Analysis = Better Leads

PrecisionFind goes beyond image classification and allows you to search for specific products, logos, and branding within images. Target social media users based on their interests, brand affinity, and activity preferences as expressed in their photos.

For example, a sports drink company could search across social media data and find passionate users who have posted images of themselves drinking the company's product. They could also find new users based on their affinity for running by looking for running related objects in the background of their photos.

swissgear found in feed of images
fancy gears

Robust and Customizable

PrecisionFind is built around indico’s core deep learning platform, and it delivers unparalleled accuracy, extensibility, ease-of-use, and scalability. Integrating PrecisionFind requires just a few lines of code using the indico API.

Want to find something more specific? Train the model with only a handful of images of what you're looking to find. This customizability is a hallmark of indico’s technology and it allows our customers to rapidly test new ideas and keep pace with the fast changing trends of the social media universe.

Highly Scalable

Search through millions of images to find any of hundreds of objects or logos within them.

Deep Learning Technology

Achieve industry leading accuracies with a deep learning based approach that doesn’t rely on simple pattern matching.

Custom image Searching

Extend the model with custom images to find new objects/logos of interest in a matter of minutes.

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