the indico toolkit

A new interface for using machine learning online.

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Machine Learning for All

Use any of indico's Text Analysis APIs without writing a single line of code.


Paste in your Data

Looking to use indico on your existing data? We've made this as easy as possible. The indico toolkit allows you to analyze hundreds of examples just a few seconds. Copy a column of data from a spreadsheet or text document and paste it right into the indico toolkit.

Choose Any of our Text APIs

Classify your text by topic, emotion, personality, or political affinity. Extract names of people, places, and organizations. Identify the keywords. All of our Text APIs are available sans software.

Submit your Request

Explore your results online or add them to your existing workflow. We return a spreadsheet of examples, which can be copied right out of the indico toolkit, or downloaded and imported into Excel, Google Docs, and Numbers

Ready to start analyzing?

All you need to do is sign up for an account! You'll have access to all of our tools, and the first 10,000 calls are free each month.