Accelerate Your Business Processes with the Power of AI

There is tremendous untapped value sitting inside the unstructured content in your business. It can help dramatically streamline existing work processes, unearth important new insights about customers, and lead to new revenue streams. But too much of this content is trapped in manual processes, tying up valuable resources and resulting in missed opportunities.

Indico Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) unlocks efficiencies and throughput to transform your critical business processes and create value from the huge amounts of vital unstructured content that powers your business.

Practical applications and real ROI

Indico helps you identify business processes ripe for augmentation or automation, while providing a point and click application to get you started quickly. Indico IPA scales with your ambition, supporting simple one-step use cases or highly complex processes involving multiple steps, document types, and content formats.

No data science? No problem.

Leverage the power of AI with our point and click application to transform your manual processes.

Content compatibility

Support across common content formats, including Word, PDF, CSV, with support for scanned or native documents.

Advice when you need it

Leverage Indico’s experience to help define your use cases and ensure rapid time to value.

Your data stays yours

Complete data security from start to finish, with support for cloud or on-prem.