Put the power of AI and machine learning to work for your business

There is tremendous untapped value sitting inside the unstructured content in your business. It can help dramatically streamline existing work processes, unearth important new insights about customers, and lead to new revenue streams. Despite all the hype around AI, using it to capture these opportunities has been extremely elusive. Too many AI solutions have proven to be too difficult to use – for both business people and data scientists. A disproportionate need for business subject matter experts (SMEs) to properly inform the data science team, the requirement for huge clean data sets, and difficulties analyzing the text, image and document-based content in your organization all present huge stumbling blocks.

Indico is changing this with a highly functional and efficient enterprise AI solution that bridges the gaps between SMEs in the business – and the underlying data science required to make it work.

Practical applications and real ROI

Indico enterprise AI makes it exponentially easier for you to apply machine learning to automate highly manual, document-based business processes; gain new insights from existing unstructured data sets; and incorporate machine learning into other software applications. All these factors reduce the risk in time, resources, and cash investment needed to explore high value opportunities existing in your business.

No data science? No problem.

Our point and click applications get you up and running quickly with only basic understanding required.

Content compatibility

Support across common content formats and platforms including Word, PDF, CSV and more.

Advice when you need it

You can leverage Indico’s experience to help define your use cases and ensure rapid time to value.

Your data stays yours

Unlike other AI solutions, your data and content is always yours.