Separating the hype from value

As an IT organization, your business line owners look to you to unlock process improvements and data insights using technology innovation. AI and machine learning promise tremendous opportunities to do that. Unfortunately, hype has exceeded reality to date. The need for huge data sets, difficulties analyzing the 80% plus of enterprise content that is unstructured, and the disproportionate need for business subject matter experts (SMEs) to inform the data science team have presented huge stumbling blocks.

Indico is changing that – and helping enterprises capitalize on the AI opportunity with a highly functional and efficient solution built specifically for unstructured content.

Designed for practical use case applications and real ROI

Indico’s enterprise AI software solution makes it exponentially easier for organizations to apply machine learning to automate highly manual document-based business processes, gain new insights from existing unstructured data sets, and easily incorporate machine learning into other software applications.

Complete data security

Conduct analysis without sharing your company’s data with others outside your organization. Your data is yours, always.

Easy-to-use APIs

Developers can readily deploy Indico in production environments.

Efficient compute and flexible deployment

Indico only requires a single GPU, reducing associated operating and hardware costs by up to 90%.

No black boxes

Complete model explainability and validation across all use cases.