Unite your data science and business teams

AI and machine learning have tremendous potential, but to date, it’s been very difficult to capitalize on. The problem is even more acute when it comes to unstructured data such as text, documents, and images -- which comprise 80% of your enterprise content. The need for huge amounts of training data, as well as reliance on business subject matter experts (SMEs) to inform the data science team have all presented huge stumbling blocks.

Indico delivers solutions that enable data science functions to successfully collaborate with the business to deliver transformative results.

Faster time to results without a huge investment in training data

Indico’s enterprise AI software solution makes it exponentially easier for data scientists to apply machine learning to help business people automate highly manual document-based business processes, gain new insights from existing unstructured data sets, and easily incorporate machine learning into other software applications.

100-1000x less training data

Indico’s application of Transfer Learning means 100 – 1000X less training data than other approaches to build custom models.

Flexible customization

Indico’s custom models means no more frustration with inflexible out-of-the-box models enabling you to build real Enterprise Intellectual Property (IP) with your data.

Easy SME engagement

Our innovative applications make it easy for your SMEs to collaborate with you on training data creation, reducing your deployment time by as much as 10X.

No black boxes

Complete model performance analytics with a point and click interface for drilling into predictions and performance means you can deliver complete explainability and model validation to the business.