Fuel innovation. Find new cause and effect relationships.

You have value and opportunity hiding inside your enterprise's unstructured content, but the risk in time and cost to unearth it outweighs the potential reward. How can you assess that value efficiently and cost-effectively?

Indico Enterprise AI enables users to quickly identify key information existing within large volumes of unstructured content. This provides the opportunity to gain valuable new business insights, fuel innovation, evaluate potential new revenue streams, and accelerate operational efficiencies.

Sample Use Cases: Gain New Insights from Existing Data

Talent Aquisition

Finding and hiring the right candidate is hard. Job descriptions are too generic, resumes are poorly matched, and the feedback loop is broken between recruiter and hiring manager. Indico creates "intelligent" job descriptions and automatically scores and matches resumes incorporating hiring manager feedback in real time.

Knowledge Management & Search

Deliver "fuzzy" search capability with an enterprise content collection to search across concepts or context.

Customer Interaction Analysis

Evaluate customer feedback, support requests, chat interactions, or customer reviews to discover topics, patterns and sentiment within your user interactions.

Content & Image Classification

Perform content classification and labeling at scale. Create dynamic, context-driven classifications as part of content workflows.

Sales Opportunity Prospecting

Unearth sales opportunity signals from unstructured content sources Enhance prospecting efforts and accelerate sales pipeline.

Industry Solutions Briefs/Customer Case Studies

The Indico team is available to help guide your efforts and assist you with potential use cases and deployment best practices. See our Resources page for additional insights and ideas on how to accelerate your AI project.