Expanding organizational capacity

Time consuming, expensive, and error prone document workflows mean lost opportunity, increased risk, and frustrated customers. Existing technology such as RPA, expert systems, and text analysis don’t have the embedded intelligence to handle the inherently “fuzzy” problems associated with unstructured content.

Indico’s Enterprise AI solution can automate existing business processes to streamline operations, enhance customer engagement and raise service levels. By making these processes dramatically more efficient and scalable, our solution frees up employees and subject matter experts to perform higher value activities in less time, resulting in more effective use of organizational resources.

Sample Use Cases – Intelligent Process Automation

Content Process Automation

Replace manual content review with automated analysis. Speed up cycle time to identify relevant content and highlight outliers. Discover new insights within existing unstructured enterprise data.

Contract Review & Analysis

Flag and organize issues for efficient review by subject matter experts; increase accuracy and transparency across the organization; support workflow. Compare contracts for differential analysis at scale. Expedite on-boarding of new clients.

RFP Analysis & Composition

Analyze past RFP’s to determine winning language. Assess question and response to optimize language for a set of questions. Create initial draft response from model for human review.

Risk/Compliance Analysis

For compliance, internal audits, and due diligence. Compare language in existing set of documents to language changes as a result of new compliance requirements. Score incoming documents for compliance against established company policies or templates.

Industry Solutions Briefs/Customer Case Studies

The Indico team is available to help guide your efforts and assist you with potential use cases and deployment best practices. See our Resources page for additional insights and ideas on how to accelerate your AI project.