Driving efficient legal and compliance processes for key stakeholders

The explosion of information your enterprise deals with on a regular basis has dramatically increased the scale and complexity facing legal and compliance teams. New regulations, risks, and governance requirements are driving the need for automation.

Additionally, the bulk of information needing attention is in an unstructured format - contracts, RFPs, compliance correspondence, customer interactions and more. Traditional search and keyword-based approaches fall short in having the intelligence to handle shifting concepts and language used to describe critical aspects of the business.

Intelligent Process Automation delivers the comprehension and scale needed to automate unstructured content processes and deliver dramatic improvements in your team's efficiency, coverage and output.

Sample IPA Use Cases: Legal & Compliance


Analyze documents at scale to score and classify issues for inclusion in audit planning; analyze corporate content for compliance issues.


Flag and organize issues for efficient review by subject matter experts; Compare contracts for differential analysis at scale; Automatically score contracts against approved policies.


Score incoming documents for compliance against established company policies or templates. Automate regulatory inquiry responses.

Industry Solutions Briefs/Customer Case Studies

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