Human Intuition at Scale

Combine your skills with the power of machine learning to discover the true potential of your text and image data.

Use indico's text and image analysis to create transformative tools.

In the examples below, we’ll show you how people use indico to change the way they do business.

Brand Equity
Clothing Similarity
Topics Editor

indico allows your computer to explore text and image data in a natural way.

There's no doubt that analytics have come a long way from gut feelings. That said, today's solutions miss the core of the human experience. People want to investigate trends that live outside of 1's and 0's.

Whether you're in a board room or a dorm room, we'll make machine learning the easiest part of your project.

Adam Meixler
Lead Developer at InterlinkOne

"indico’s RESTful API is dead simple. We were able to create a proof of concept app in minutes! This in turn allowed us to gain an enormous amount of accurate insight into data that we would have expected needing a human to evaluate."

Louis Dorard
Co-Founder of

"indico was one of the most used products at the ’14 Hack Night, which testifies to the quality of the API. The CEO’s tutorial at the conference was a favorite of mine — and of many developers, judging by attendees’ responses to our survey!"

Applications Across Industry


Evaluate your brand equity, build smart personas, conduct social media listening and influencer analysis, and reveal valuable human insights about your customers.


Tailor content to an audience of one. Avoid convoluted and inaccurate demographic-targeting, and discover the subtle themes in your content that speak to different users.


Recommend products that match your customers' style, analyze reviews or survey data for topics and trends, and choose the image that best showcases your product.

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