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Intuitive models for human connections

Understand over 100,000 people at once. indico is helping individuals, small to medium sized teams and businesses translate their community’s pictures, documents and conversations into insightful feedback in minutes. Built with real life data and tailored to what you need, our pre-trained models balance accuracy and speed, allowing you to use powerful machine learning in realistic settings.

From image recognition to sentiment analysis to topic tagging, our award-winning team and platform have you covered.

Solve big problems with small data

Big Data is old news. Even if you have limited resources, we can help you find answers to problems that were once unsolvable. Our customizable training models allow you to draw deeper insights, even from your smallest datasets. Eliminate your overhead and gain a competitive advantage that’s powered by intelligent machine learning.

Want even more? Tap into our open-source libraries to put the power of modern machine learning algorithms in your hands.

Effortless deployment that scales

Our APIs and libraries match your team’s unique needs. With the speed of our GPU-accelerated computing, you can take advantage of massive cloud infrastructure with none of the overhead.

Whether you’re deploying your models internally, on your ecommerce site or in a mobile app, we have a solution for you.

indico empowers you and your team with real machine learning insights

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