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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Property & Casualty Carriers

Streamline underwriting, claims processing, policy servicing and more with the Indico Data Intelligent Intake Solution.

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Who’s IN with Indico Data

Many of the industry’s leading property and casualty, life and health insurance companies choose Indico Data to free their experts from tedious, manual tasks, allowing them to deliver more business value. On average, Indico customers reduce process cycle time by 85% while increasing process capacity by a factor of four.

Speed or accuracy:
choose two

For too long, insurance companies have been forced to compromise. Legacy intake solutions have forced organizations to choose between speed and accuracy, weighing risk versus revenue. With Indico Data’s AI-driven technology, now you can automate intake workflows for even the most unstructured document types. So you never have to choose between speed and accuracy again.

Automate to unlock
new opportunities

Discover how world-class organizations like MetLife are reducing risk, improving win rates, driving up margins, increasing capacity and capturing new opportunities through intelligent intake.

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Turn intake chaos into clarity

Indico Data’s award-winning artificial intelligence solution gives document-intensive industries the best of all worlds, enabling data-driven decision-making, with unparalleled speed and at enterprise scale.


Handle more submissions in less time, increasing your quote ratio and reducing time to bind.


Free up underwriters, lawyers, adjusters, and others for higher-value work.


Dramatically accelerate response times in underwriting and claims.

Indico makes
intake intelligent

What’s IN with IndicoWhat’s OUT with Alternatives
Accurate, automated processes that keep people “in the loop”
Error-prone manual work
Seamless multi-channel, multi-document intake in any format
Automation technology that can’t read unstructured documents
Rapid, informed decisions
Protracted, information-poor decisions

Use cases


Automate submissions intake to increase underwriting capacity, improve loss ratios and drive new premium growth.

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Automate claims intake to optimize loss ratios, manage surges in claims volume and improve customer experience.

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Policy servicing

Automate policy servicing to decrease time spent on admin tasks, prioritize high-value policy changes and improve broker relationships.

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Better outcomes, delivered

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