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  Everest Group IDP
             PEAK Matrix® 2022  
Indico Named as Major Contender and Star Performer in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix® for Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
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Why Indico

RPA alone creates an “impact gap”

85% of enterprise data is unstructured. And, because RPA software only works with rigorously structured data, companies that use RPA alone see limited value from the massive volumes of unstructured data deep in their systems.

This creates an ”impact gap”, limiting the ability to take meaningful action when driving business and digital transformation initiatives.

Indico Data closes this gap

The Indico Platform uses AI and ML technology to automate the intake and understanding of unstructured documents, emails, images, videos, audio files, and much more, giving structure to this unstructured data. As a result, enterprises get much more value from their existing structured data only software and technologies — including RPA, CRM, ERP, Analytics, and more.

But automating unstructured data is only part of Indico’s value. With Indico, enterprises of all sizes can:


Automate laborious processes around unstructured data to deliver previously unattainable cost and time savings


Analyze the data, extracting actionable business insights and intelligence


Apply these insights and process automation capabilities to support key business transformation initiatives

Our platform is delivered as a service either in the company’s private cloud or hosted by Indico. Either way, the value is clear. Up to an 85% reduction in process time, a 4X increase in process capacity, and an 80% reduction in resources required to analyze and take action on key insights found in unstructured data.

The Indico

Other solutions offer little more than glorified OCR or template-based solutions. Only Indico Data combines a breakthrough and patented artificial intelligence approach with a powerful application and API platform offering, enabling you to:


Automate, analyze and apply

Automate, Analyze and Apply your unstructured data assets in a single, extensible platform.


Harness SME knowledge

Harness the knowledge of your SMEs while putting the power in the hands of your automation and analytics professionals.


Business-friendly interface

Leverage a user-friendly non-technical application interface for your SMEs with comprehensive MLOps capabilities such as AI Explainability and GraphQL API for ease of custom development and extensibility.


Artificial intelligence

Use artificial intelligence to actually solve the problem — powerful “out of the box” models with true custom modeling capabilities ensure that you can solve your unstructured data problems aligned with your business requirements.


Scalability and flexibility

Deploy scalably and flexibly. Our modern container based architecture lets you deploy on-prem, in your cloud, or hosted in our cloud.


Fair, transparent pricing

Benefit from fair, transparent pricing. Indico's pricing is based on per-document rather than per-page pricing because it aligns more closely to how you create value from your unstructured data assets.


Unmatched support

Enjoy unmatched support. Our comprehensive approach to launch and production support means that Indico customers experience a 97% success rate in moving their unstructured data projects successfully into production (vs. only 20% according to Gartner).



Constant benchmarking of newly published base language models means your business process owners have access to the best deep learning toolkits for their initiatives.

With the explosion in adoption of enterprise AI, it’s more important than ever to know what you’re shipping into production. We believe it’s our responsibility to make AI that is safe, reliable, and transparent.

Catch errors before they get into production with our built-in model analytics, audit model predictions with Indico’s award-winning explainability, and breeze through compliance with Indico’s ready-made governance documents.

Above all, we believe in protecting your data. Rather than chucking your data in with your competitors’ data, we use transfer learning to build production quality models on your data alone, keeping you and your data safe.

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