AI World Conference: Formulating the Right Machine Learning Strategy

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Machine learning offers tremendous opportunities for businesses, but there is still a large divide between practical deployment for most companies and the success stories we’ve read about. Despite the promise of artificial intelligence being discussed and promoted by the internet giants like Facebook and Google or within academia, only a small percentage of enterprises have… Read more

Liberating PDF Data: Introducing Our Newest API

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PDF, or Portable Document Format, files were developed to enable people using different operating systems to open, review, and print files without altering any of the file’s original elements or design. Successful adoption of this format over the years means that there is now a wealth of information stored in PDF files. Extracting that information… Read more

Read Less, Learn More: Introducing indico’s Summarization API

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In knowledge driven economies, it’s increasingly common for many jobs to revolve around the consumption and analysis of information. This may entail, for example, reading dozens of articles to draw conclusions about emerging trends. Doable, right? Imagine, though, if you were a financial analyst and had to read through hundreds of articles and reports each… Read more

Build Customized Deep Learning Models, No Code Required

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General, pre-trained machine learning solutions are now easier to come by — sentiment analysis, topic classification, entity extraction, etc. Unfortunately, these solutions typically don’t work so well with industry or company-specific tasks, because the data that matters for your business is probably different from the data used to train the model. For instance, financial articles… Read more

Our APIs Speak New Languages

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We’ve had many requests from the indico community to add multilingual support for our APIs, so we’ve spent the past few months working on just that. We’re thrilled that we’ve got such a large international following, and we’re always striving to improve our tools to suit your needs. So here’s the big news: our Sentiment… Read more

indico Around the World

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We often have the opportunity to chat with members of our amazing developer community, who hail anywhere from Boston to Berlin to Taipei. Given the breadth of our community’s nationalities, we were curious to find out where else people using indico came from. We were delighted to realize that there are over 850 developers building with… Read more

Announcing the indico App Gallery!

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We’re excited to announce the release of the indico App Gallery, a new page on our site featuring some of the wonderful apps built by our fantastic developer community! If you’re a developer, we’d like to say a big thank you. Every line of code you write inspires us to be better. This gallery is… Read more