Enterprise AI and the Paradox of Accuracy

October 29, 2018 / Business, Data Science, Opinion Piece

Paving the Way to Success in Intelligent Process Automation

As more organizations begin to experiment with AI in their internal operations, an interesting paradox is developing. The best way to think about the state of AI is that it behaves as a powerful mimic. Because of this, AI often uncovers significant inconsistencies in the existing process it has been applied to. As a result, the conclusion is often that AI is not yet smart enough to perform the task, when in reality AI is simply uncovering existing inconsistencies in the human process being automated. With that said, there are a few key success factors that can help users overcome these inflated expectations.

Our CEO, Tom Wilde, discusses this topic in his article featured on Datanami.com

Read the full article to learn how to overcome the unrealistic expectations that come with deploying AI >>


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