How Machine Learning is Shaping Digital Marketing

June 6, 2016 / Business, Image Data Use Case, Text Data Use Case

Last week Dan Kuster held a workshop at General Assembly Boston on how machine learning is changing — and improving — the way digital marketers do their jobs. Video and slides below.


Machine learning allows a marketer to target people based on an actual understanding of their interests, habits, and personality, rather than typical demographic data. To get more concrete here, machine learning lets you say: I want to target people that have posted a picture of a guitar in the last three months, or: I want to target people with the INTP personality type that posted something angry about Bernie Sanders recently.
It also allows marketers to look strategically at the content they use to engage their audience and reflect on what works and what doesn’t work in a scientific way. If you make 30 posts with very different engagement rates, you can use your own intuition, but then also scientifically vet the wording of your message to get a sense ahead of time about how engaging it may be.

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