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indico | July 28, 2016

SAS: The Unreasonable Benefits of Deep Learning

Earlier this month, Dan gave a talk at Sentiment Analysis Symposium discussing why businesses should consider adopting deep learning solutions. […]


indico | July 19, 2016

Claim this Bounty: Build an Image Classifier

If you haven’t already played around with Custom Collections, now is a good time to get started — we’re offering […]

Business, Machine Learning

Dan Kuster | July 13, 2016

Semi-supervised Feature Transfer: The Practical Benefit of Deep Learning Today?

In this case study, we evaluate four different strategies for solving a problem with machine learning. In terms of both […]

Business, Text Data Use Case, Tutorials

Julie Nashawaty | June 15, 2016

Recognizing Emotion in Text with Machine Learning (No Code Required)

Hey guys! I’m Julie, Director of Ops, back for a quick tutorial of two awesome new offerings we’ve built for you. I’m […]

Business, Image Data Use Case, Text Data Use Case

indico | June 6, 2016

How Machine Learning is Shaping Digital Marketing

Last week Dan Kuster held a workshop at General Assembly Boston on how machine learning is changing — and improving […]

Machine Learning, Opinion Piece

Dan Kuster | May 31, 2016

A Biased Debrief of the Boston Deep Learning Conference

We visited the second annual RE•WORK Deep Learning conference in Boston earlier this month. In this debrief, I’m going to […]

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