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Business, Developers, Text Data Use Case, Tutorials

Chris Lee | January 31, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year! Going from Tweets to Trends in Minutes

Happy Chinese New Year! With the lunar new year around the corner, we can’t help but wonder what the latest […]

Developers, Image Data Use Case, Tutorials

Annie Carlson | January 11, 2016

Stock Image Similarity with Image Features (or How a Program is More Fashionable than Me)

Recognizing patterns comes naturally to us. Whether we’re learning a new language, guessing the artist of a song we’re hearing […]

Business, Data Science, Machine Learning

Dan Kuster | January 4, 2016

Why More Bytes Won’t Make Your Model Stronger

In the frothy sea of Big Data buzz, there’s a tidbit: “More data beats a better model.” But if you’re […]

Developers, Machine Learning, Tutorials, Uncategorized

Amanda Sivaraj | December 15, 2015

Sentiment HQ Sets a New Accuracy Standard

“Cutting edge.” It’s usually one of those overused phrases scattered all over company websites to add some marketing pizazz. Everything […]


indico | December 7, 2015

Machine Learning for Non-technical People (Slides)

Did you miss Slater’s talk at General Assembly Boston on the rapidly growing field of machine learning? No problem — […]

Data Science, Machine Learning, Opinion Piece

Dan Kuster | November 13, 2015

The indico Machine Learning Team’s Take on TensorFlow

Earlier this week, Google released TensorFlow, an open source library for numerical computation. Given the general frothiness around machine learning, […]

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